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Accommodation and Care - Details that count !

Your cats can expect a comfortable stay at Andalyn, enjoying fresh country air from bright, spacious runs where they can sunbathe and relax on their sunshelves.

For the more energetic visitors, the spacious runs also have climbing and scratching posts and plenty of toys, which are all disinfected between occupancies. At night they can snuggle up in their penthouse on washable fleecy bedding, with heat pads provided underneath on chillier nights.

Accommodation consists of 15 double penthouses constructed of PVCu, overlooking a beautifully landscaped courtyard complete with water feature.


Exterior View of Accommodation
Each penthouse is insulated and has a thermostatically controlled radiator, keeping cats warm in winter and on cooler summer evenings. The construction also offers good air circulation via vents in the back wall of the inner pen.

The smooth plastic panels provide safe comfortable accommodation for cats and allow scrupulous hygiene standards to be maintained. Double glazed, toughened safety glass in the upper panels, provides a barrier between runs, but allows cats to see what is going on around them.

For larger families, the internal partition can be removed to create a family chalet housing up to 4 cats sharing.

If a cat feels under the weather whilst in our care, we have two isolation pens in a separate block, built to the same specifications as the main cattery, with a Treatment/Veterinary Examination Room attached.

The whole complex has a 24 hour CCTV system installed for extra security.

As a cat owner, breeder and show steward for over 20 years, I have a good understanding and rapport with cats. You can be assured that your cat will have lots of attention, cuddles and plenty of fuss made of them. All cats are groomed daily as part of their care. Apprehensive visitors are treated gently and with understanding.

Cats are fed according to the wishes of their owners, as well as diabetic and weightwatcher diets catered for. A chart on each pen door keeps a record of the cat's eating preferences and any special needs. Every urination and defaecation is recorded to enable a close eye to be kept on each cat's state of health and well-being.

Litter trays are cleaned and disinfected daily and cats are provided with fresh cat litter every morning. They are checked again at lunchtime and evenings and any faeces removed.


Another Exterior View of Accommodation



Established in 2004

PVCu units (not wood like most catteries)

Thermostatically Heated

24-Hour CCTV





Large Play Area





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